Noemi Andor (PI)

My Ph.D. in Bioinformatics was under the supervision of Hans Werner Mewes from the Technical University in Munich and Claudia Petritsch from the University of California, San Francisco. Together we developed one of the first algorithms that deconvolutes a tumor’s sequencing data into clones that coexist in the tumor biopsy. As a postdoctoral fellow, together with Hanlee Ji and Carlo Maley, I quantified intra-tumor heterogeneity in >1000 primary tumors to find that coexistence of multiple clones in the same tumor is indeed the norm. As an Instructor at Stanford in Prof. Ji’s lab, I integrated bulk- and single-cell sequencing approaches to zoom into different perspectives of intra-tumor heterogeneity. The newly gained resolution on coexisting clones and their microenvironment puts us in the yet best position to control and steer subclonal evolution.

Thomas Veith

Tommy is a PhD candidate interested in evolutionary game theory (EGT). He joined the lab in February 2020 as part of the Integrated Mathematical Oncology Doctoral Training Program at USF. His work combines EGT and single-cell sequencing to understand how cell-cell interactions shape population structure in gastric cancers. Before joining the lab, Tommy completed his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at USF. With his PhD work, he hopes to contribute to a better understanding of how divergent populations within a tumor compete and cooperate while exposed to variable environments, such as DNA damaging therapies. 


Bradley Fox

Brad joined the lab as an intern in January 2020. His project explores the hypothesis of a tradeoff between a clone’s intrinsic growth rate under ideal, nutrient-rich conditions and its ability to grow under suboptimal conditions. Using a system of coupled ODEs, he models the change in a cell line’s clonal composition as a function of different timings of splitting and passaging cells and of different seeding densities. He is pursuing a degree in mathematics at Dartmouth College and plans on going to Med school after he graduates.

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