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Software Architect

Integration is the central theme across dimensions. Our department -- IMO -- was named after the belief that communication across disciplines is key to translational progress in oncology. Integrative algorithms are the approach of choice. Integrated perspectives on a clone give us a more accurate representation of its true identity. We seek a highly motivated software architect to implement this principle at the heart of our infrastructure and code. This individual will design and maintain the architecture to support efficient access to heterogeneous, connected data sources, ranging from high-throughput datasets (DNA/RNA-seq, Imaging) but also from clinical sources (e.g. age, treatment

history) and experimental settings. The successful candidate will participate in long term planning and be the backbone of our lab, upon which progress will rely. Strong skills in software architecture design, model-based systems engineering, including requirement traceability, behavioral analysis and substantial expertise in Java is required. The ideal candidate works according to established software architecture principles (e.g. observer pattern, modular architectures, flexibility tradeoffs), and has a track record of designing flexible architectures that stand the test of time, such that modifications are easy to integrate into an existing framework without deteriorating the structure over time. Experience with MagicDraw, MySQL, R and Matlab are all a plus.

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